New years’ resolutions

In January most of use make New Year’s resolutions and most us get bored within 2-3 months and quit. We either make unrealistic goals that are time and energy consuming. They look good written down…

New year's resolutions never worked for me. Whether they were too detailed or too general I got bored easily. This year I made only a few bullet points and hopefully they would stick ;)

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Love Beauty Slovenia

I’ve had a social media cleanse in February and March keeping my posts to absolute minimum. Instagram is my weakness I confess so I’ve been weening off slowly. But eventually all cleanses come to an…

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Sickness and self-tanning

Extreme sickness (in my case the flu) forces the body to slow down and take a beat. Not in my case. Yes, I have not posted content for 4 days but that does not mean…

Working when you're sick is self-afflicted torture we put on ourselves so we can moan about it later. And I for one do it extremely well.

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Autumn refresh – closet edition

Summer is finally over and we are starting to pull out soft blankets to keep us warm at night. As the nature gives its last burst of energy in a form of brown and yellow,…

Finding those transitional pieces and clearing out the clutter as the Autumn shows its true colours.

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Damn, it’s hot! – summer lookbook

Like I have said in the previous post, dresses is where it’s at in a “heat crisis”. The sale was on and so was my spending money. This polka dot red dress by Taifun of…

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