Sickness and self-tanning

Extreme sickness (in my case the flu) forces the body to slow down and take a beat. Not in my case. Yes, I have not posted content for 4 days but that does not mean…

Working when you're sick is self-afflicted torture we put on ourselves so we can moan about it later. And I for one do it extremely well.

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Messy wreath

On the fifth of December the following happened: Asos calendar delighted me with a product I seldom use. the wreath intended for the front door is so shabby-looking I decided it is its last year…

Three stories today, scratch that, two stories today. Way too tired for the third one. This "a post a day" idea does not seem as such a great one anymore...

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Fall decor

The apartment we live in now has no room for seasonal decor but I do it anyway. Since we have so little space, I use these pumpkins and put them strategically on surfaces: 0n in…

Autumn is a fun season to decorate the living spaces having so much decor and ideas to choose from, but having little room I had to limit myself to essentials. Here they are!

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