Bronzing? No, way.

Another reason to read the contents of the advent calendar that is not a chocolate one is in todays’ little window. There I found a loose bronzing powder. After an emotionally scarring adventure with self-tan…

A bit depressing Monday and a silly Asos gift.

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Rough Christmastime

Christmas time used to be a marvelous and magical time for me. Everything glittered and there was something to do and enjoy every day. Maybe it was the undisclosed amount of mulled wine that was…

Christmas days means hectic days this year for us. Since the house is nearing renovations' end we have loads to do every day.

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Golden mask

I do feel spoiled sometimes. On the 12th day of Asos Christmas there was a golden face mask and it looks absolutely stunning. The decision has already been made that I will wait until weekend…

Golden mask for a younger face. How does gold help? No idea, but will try it soon.

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Sickness and self-tanning

Extreme sickness (in my case the flu) forces the body to slow down and take a beat. Not in my case. Yes, I have not posted content for 4 days but that does not mean…

Working when you're sick is self-afflicted torture we put on ourselves so we can moan about it later. And I for one do it extremely well.

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Messy wreath

On the fifth of December the following happened: Asos calendar delighted me with a product I seldom use. the wreath intended for the front door is so shabby-looking I decided it is its last year…

Three stories today, scratch that, two stories today. Way too tired for the third one. This "a post a day" idea does not seem as such a great one anymore...

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