How I combat a stressful day

I have to admit I do not run. I jog. Occasionally. More walk than jog. But today… today was one of those days… you know… when a client pisses you off so much you want…

No meaningful sentences, just rage.

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Looking back on 2017

We are blessed we have found each other in this crazy upside-down politically and socially confusing country that doesn’t even know what it wants from itself. Relationships are a difficult thing to keep when your…

The good and the bad and the messy. This year has definitely been a turning point in both of our lives, Boyfriends and mine. Remembering all the good times I am showing the highlights.

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No Christmas Spirit

The perfect outfit, perfect decoration, perfect meal and perfect family… does not just happen. I have been cleaning and tidying up for an hour or two a day every week and it still looks messy.…

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Pre-Christmas jitters

Christmas time is he height of excitement. Everybody is nervous and super busy with me as no exception. Today, on the 23rd of December, I picked out the light fixture for my home office, washed…

Counting down the time until Christmas means there's lots to be done and most definitely not enough time to finish.

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Oils and manicure?

A manicure is a rare treat I offer to myself to fell better on the worst days. It does not help the general mood but at least my nails look pretty. I desperately needed a…

De-stressing with a manicure? And why not?! So what if I'm a little vain, it help to at least appear like I have my s**t together even though I am completely lost and overworked.

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