Not doing the same s**t for another decade

This blog was created as an escape to the wonderland that is my mind. It became anything but… I’m sorry.

This blog was created as an escape to the wonderland that is my mind but it sure enough became the very thing I loath the most. Average. As is the country I live in.

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New years’ resolutions

In January most of use make New Year’s resolutions and most us get bored within 2-3 months and quit. We either make unrealistic goals that are time and energy consuming. They look good written down…

New year's resolutions never worked for me. Whether they were too detailed or too general I got bored easily. This year I made only a few bullet points and hopefully they would stick ;)

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Pre-Christmas jitters

Christmas time is he height of excitement. Everybody is nervous and super busy with me as no exception. Today, on the 23rd of December, I picked out the light fixture for my home office, washed…

Counting down the time until Christmas means there's lots to be done and most definitely not enough time to finish.

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Oils and manicure?

A manicure is a rare treat I offer to myself to fell better on the worst days. It does not help the general mood but at least my nails look pretty. I desperately needed a…

De-stressing with a manicure? And why not?! So what if I'm a little vain, it help to at least appear like I have my s**t together even though I am completely lost and overworked.

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Rough Christmastime

Christmas time used to be a marvelous and magical time for me. Everything glittered and there was something to do and enjoy every day. Maybe it was the undisclosed amount of mulled wine that was…

Christmas days means hectic days this year for us. Since the house is nearing renovations' end we have loads to do every day.

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