Insanity and rambling central over here. ;)

Hi, and welcome to my little diary. Here you will find a little bit of everything; from weird anecdotes to cooking, organizing and gardening I do it all. Or at least try to. 😉

Confused and curious is who I am. I never knew what I wanted in life, even less what I want to become. Being 27 (oh, god!) I still have no fudgin’ idea what to do with myself. This is in part the reason why I decided to start this blog. There are so many things I want to do and see in life that I am bursting with life so feeling the age I am most definitely not. Sharing my views and intrigues laced with perception that is completely my own.

I admit, I am not a millennial. But I am also not an X generation. Both or none of those, however your perception, I am in between. Isn’t that just the hardest place to be? Now powered by consumerism and technology but also not inept when necessary. For a long time I thought I was alone in my views, tried to change not fitting in and did virtually anything to not be an outsider. Not untill I met my now boyfriend I found out that the outside is where we belong and most of all, i am not alone. Living in a conservative and traditional society Slovenes are desperately trying to label anyone so they act accordingly. What I know not and what I would probably tell myself when I was younger and suffered from depression and loneliness is to try not to fit in so much. A whole lot of my identity in school was formed on other peoples’ perception of me, not my own.

Simply put, this blog is about my life. In small smidgens. In smithereens. And sometimes in puffy clouds. All in a search of an epic quest to find joy in my life.

Not doing the same s**t for another decade

This blog was created as an escape to the wonderland that is my mind. It became anything but… I’m sorry.

This blog was created as an escape to the wonderland that is my mind but it sure enough became the very thing I loath the most. Average. As is the country I live in.

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