Not doing the same s**t for another decade

Not doing the same s**t for another decade

Little Miss Always-Trying-To-Do-The-Right-Thing has done it again. Trying to blend into an image of a perfect person has become increasingly difficult. Ended my job that seemed too perfect to be real. Gained weight. A lot of weight. Hello, depression!! Hi there, misery. Next to neglecting my body, my relationships, the dog and the house, yeah, life really hasn’t been all that great. Living in this country isn’t all that great when you are not the norm. Trying to live life as an average Jane just to shut people up is far from a fairy tale. When you don’t wish for an iPhone, iMac and a BMW (or a Mercedes). When you don’t wish to go to Thailand because it is exotic and cheap at the same time. Or shop the same clothes that someone in the Instagram universe says is “hot” right now. Slovenia is all about cheap and fancy these days. And I’m not.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

This blog was created as an escape to the wonderland that is my mind but it sure enough became the very thing I loath the most. Together with Instagram it became basic – norm if you will. Empty words, kitschy catchphrases, a brand name here and there and pretty photos. Because it was easier to write. Because I had no time for this blog and the click-bait articles were faster written. Opening advent calendars and what I wear and where I’ve been seemed zero effort for maximum outcome. If I wanted I could be an influencer in a heartbeat. And the life would pass me by as I’d live through photos and maintain a facade of perfection – trying to look approachable and jet somehow above a mere mortal. With just one purchase you too can be like me. As if you, dear reader are naive. As if we don’t all know the truth.

Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

Enough. I hate what this world is coming to. I hate what my country is becoming. I hate what is expected of me to become. I hate a lot of things. I also love a lot of things. But we talk about hat more. Media talks about hate more. It is also on of those silly trends. “We don’t like/approve of those that aren’t like us” – type of thing. And isn’t that the way it has always been? With 21st century gadgets there are more methods to enforce what is wanted and how to achieve it.

So this blog will not be one of those click-batey type of thing. It will not be another platform of enforcing the norm. Here I am happy. And I sincerely hope you, dear reader, will be too. I hope it makes you think. I hope it at least enlightens you in some way of the ghastly world this world, this land and most of all, this country, has become! Or at the very least if it offends you so, have the decency to click away.

Ready to write 😉
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