New years’ resolutions

In January most of use make New Year’s resolutions and most us get bored within 2-3 months and quit. We either make unrealistic goals that are time and energy consuming. They look good written down but when it comes to execution… not so much. I am definitely one of those who get bored being so restricted by the rules I made for myself that I start sabotaging myself. I’ve tried painting the list pink and gold and adding glitter, pinning it on a wall, in a planner and nothing helped. I simply lose interest. This year I am trying something a little bit different: I’ve decided to look up some lifestyle “tweaks” I could take. I’ve made some simple “deals” with myself (basically bribing myself) into some well needed adjustments. Here they are:

  • Paleo was the obvious choice as I love meat and vegetables. Having food allergies it is also the only diet type after which I don’t feel hungry. Because I love to cook I made sample meals plan using up things I have in the fridge and freezer.
  • Saving up. It is so easy to spend money online and I am a total addict. Just wait until all my packages arrive from post-christmas sale 😉 I’ve made a deal that I will not buy any clothes this year because truthfully my wardrobe is too full as it is. I will try to wear everything I already own. What needs repairs I will do so and alterations will be done as I pull clothes from the wardrobe. I thing that most of the wardrobe is not worn because when I bought it I thought “oh, I need to alter it a little and it’ll be fine” But I never took the time to do so.

  • Taking time for myself: doing yoga twice a week and a weekly pamper session. The past two years I’ve neglected myself a lot do to the absurd amount of work that seemed endless. Because my job entails working with customers all day long some peace and quiet is a must when I come home. These days I take an hour to cook and put on relaxing music, do yoga… the hour is not much but it makes all the difference. After an especially stressful day of customers bickering I remember Michel from Gilmore girls saying: “people are being particularly stupid today”. It makes me smile and it helps to get through the day.

  • Taking more walks with my dog. It is proven that walks reduce stress so I’ll try to walk my fluffy monster for at least an hour.

These are simple deals I struck with myself and will try to remember them every time I see a commercial or feel anxiety.


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