Surprise, you get same stuff you already have!

Pink surprise

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the concept of mystery bags. Grocery store in my town had them in two colours: blue and pink. Now of course I would always beg my mum to buy it for me and she sighed and never quite understood why but in the end she complied and bought »the bag«. I was so excited the entire way home for what was in the bag, could it be candy, could it be a toy, even though I knew that there is a little candy bar and a little toy for a doll. But the mystery!

Pink surprise

A few days ago a website where I occasionally buy makeup (because how can I know the »real« shade through a computer?) offered me a mystery bag full of makeup. I couldn’t resist. The Revolution advent calendar was way above 25€ (that was the minimum amount of purchase to get a free mystery bag) so the mystery bag magically appeared in my cart and I checked out. I was never this excited for a parcel ever! I like advent calendars too but as soon I saw something pink and shiny and with unicorns on it I tossed the calendar aside in order to grab the precious shiny jewel. Neighbours watching me through the window probably thought I lost it. But the bag was all mine! So let’s see what was inside:

I quickly realized that I needed to buy an empty magnetic palette to hold the tiny eyeshadow cakes. Eyeshadow colour themselves were pretty neutral: black and nude pink. The highlighter palette is great and when I tested it the pigmentation was great. Face masks are just a thing every girl piles up in her bathroom. All of the makeup goodies really surprised me in a positive way because buying these item separately I think I would’ve spent more.

After a few days the excitement wore off and I needed another hit. I looked for an excuse to purchase anything from their online store, because Instagram told me that they have a new and special Halloween Mystery Bag; I mean, ‘tis the season after all so why not splurge on myself right? Well I found the magnetic palette mentioned before but it was not exceeding the minimum needed (boy that would’ve been an expensive magnet!) so I tossed in some items I did not really need but they looked decent enough to give the home in the bathroom just to get the very special bag. This one is purple with a creepy image on it so you know I’m feelin’ the vibe. Every item was bubble wrapped and the shapes looked kind of familiar… soon I notice I got THE SAME highlighter palette. “Okay lets not get ahead of ourselves maybe it’s just a coincidence” I told myself. And indeed when I opened the next item it was the Revolution blush (that is waaay too pink for me, but fuck it – it was free) I let out a sigh of relief. Not to delay The Reveal any further this is what I got:

Halloween surprise

Totally disappointed because only two items are different from the previous bag. That’s it, they’ve done it; turned a mystery bag into a misery bag. Just kidding, but I will never buy something just to get a free bag ever again. I have learnt my lesson, thanks


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