How I combat a stressful day

Favorite running track.

I have to admit I do not run. I jog. Occasionally. More walk than jog. But today… today was one of those days… you know… when a client pisses you off so much you want to punch them in the face with their own hand. When you don’t know who is the stupid one. Yeah, its not fun…  but nonetheless we need to finish the day, drive home and have what is left of our personal life. I took the wheel and drove the distance to a client’s house in 15 minutes flat (it usually takes cca. 40). Taking a mild sedative will not do. I needed something harder today. So when I came home I threw all the sh*t on the floor in the hallway (even the phone!), quickly changed into gym clothes, grabbed The Fluff and ran out. Luckily we have a park across the road and I just ran. And ran. And did not care whom I could have met and how I looked. After half an hour of continuous running the tiny thing protested “no more!”.


I don’t run without my Vibrams 😉

It seemed all I needed on this particular day was to release the stress and exert the body with so much velocity as the mind had been. Running among the trees and the greenery (sadly no snow yet) seemed to do the trick and relaxed my psyche. When the fury has been laid to bed and rational part of the brain started functioning again I felt guilty for taking that hour for a stupid “me moment”. But you know what?! I deserved it! I needed it! I work so hard every single day of my life; weekends and holidays don’t matter at all! I allowed myself this small luxury of time because now I can function faster, better and calmer again.

Favorite running track.

Favorite running track

When I rationalized it in my head I started thinking how beneficial it would have been to do such a run every day after work. Well maybe not such an insane run, I did get some weird stares in the park. 🙂 After the run, the shower and chow I went online and found a yoga class. I said I deserve to take an hour twice a week for my well-being. The world did not implode because I left the phone unattended for an hour. It needed a rest too. 😉


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