No Christmas Spirit

No Christmas Spirit

The perfect outfit, perfect decoration, perfect meal and perfect family… does not just happen. I have been cleaning and tidying up for an hour or two a day every week and it still looks messy. Luckily we were invited to a friend’s house so the cleaning was not that necessary. This year in particular I have no idea when October was over, let alone that Christmas may be at the door. As I am writing this I have remembered my grandmother always telling me that there will come a day you will ask yourself when did the time start passing me by. I guess this is it. I am older, not wiser, and this Christmas I feel I have lost the feeling of joy, happiness and Christmas spirit. It has come and gone with a snap of the finger. Yesterday was the dinner, today we were fixing up one of Boyfriends real estates for rent and it is the evening of 25th. Sometimes I think we work too much. And on days like today I start to wonder why we do so. Then I remember all of the amazing moment we have had over the last year and I am amazed. Yes, we work a lot and yes, it isn’t always fun. Somehow we make the time for ourselves despite the chaos that surrounds us.

The last window of Asos calendar I have opened today and I have found a promo mini sonic face cleanser called T-Sonic Foreo Luna and it is purple! Having tried many of there apparatus in my blemish-prone times and bad experience I have found that this one is very gentle, the bristles are from silicone which makes them super comfortable and non-abrasive at all. This just might be my perfect gift this year…






…if there wasn’t for my mother-in-love (not married yet) who gifted me the best giant earmuffs she could find. Not only they are black and puffy AF but earmuffs in general are the best thing to wear in cold weather. They don’t mess up the hair and they are extremely warm. I love them and they are my favorite thing to wear this winter! I also got the cutest sweater out there; pink pastel with pearls made from angora bunnies (the hair, not felt, duh) which makes it the softest sweater in the universe.

The gifts really surprised me as they were so tailored to my wishes. Hope you’ve spent a nice Christmas as well. 😉


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