Bronzing? No, way.

Advent 18.12. NudeByNature

Another reason to read the contents of the advent calendar that is not a chocolate one is in todays’ little window. There I found a loose bronzing powder. After an emotionally scarring adventure with self-tan I mentioned a few posts ago I am in no hurry at all to start experimenting with this wonder. Even the elegant packaging will not convince me this time.

Advent 18.12. NudeByNature







I could not believe it is the 18th of December. This year with work and fluffy and hose renovation it seems the days and weeks just fly by. There is always a million thing to do and not enough time of the watch left to finish them. So this December I did not put up a Christmas tree. There was simply no time. We will not go anywhere for New years’ eve. Instead taking every evening we are not rushing as a luxury for we don’t know when the next one will come. We enjoy quiet December evenings with candlelight and (oddly) watching cartoons exhausted from all the work we had done that day or week. One day the madness will end and we will once again have time for bigger luxuries than a candle. We will once again live.


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