Sickness and self-tanning

Sickness and self-tanning

Extreme sickness (in my case the flu) forces the body to slow down and take a beat. Not in my case. Yes, I have not posted content for 4 days but that does not mean I have not worked every single day until Saturday. I went to work and I’ve done only the necessary things to make sure our lives can run smoothly as possible. How smart was that, well, not very since I could’ve gotten way worse. Especially considering we went out to party on a Wednesday and I was subjected to many threatening factors to my already fragile condition. All in all I played with fire and this time I won.

These last four days were exhausting so I just now managed to look inside the Asos windows for my little surprises. From anti-aging creams and serums (Asos, how did you know I need those?) to shower gels, I got a bucket load. And here they are:













An honorable mention is perhaps REN cosmetic line as it is intriguing me for a while now. An honorable flop might be a self-tan thingy. Never understood them and I probably never will. You must understand I am a natural medium-blonde (mousy colour) with a fairly fair skin so after a teenage disaster of a self-tanning experiment that resulted in yellow blotches all over my body (and of which we will never discuss again) I vowed never to self-tan again. Therefore the day nine on the advent calendar goes as a gift to a victi… ehm… I mean dear friend of mine.

St.Tropez tanning thingy

St.Tropez tanning thingy looking all innocent…

Until tomorrow … don’t experiment with self-tanning. You have been warned. 😉



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