Messy wreath

Messy wreath

On the fifth of December the following happened:

  • Asos calendar delighted me with a product I seldom use.
  • the wreath intended for the front door is so shabby-looking I decided it is its last year in existence.
  • the monster under our bed did not eat.

Smashbox has one of the best makeup formulas in the world. They have literally smashed it in their composition as one that is sensitive to cosmetics I will surely know. So I was intrigued and excited when Asos gifted me with their latest (or maybe I was just living under a rock) foundation primers. Photo finish guarantees a perfect outcome and sets the makeup to stay all day long under heavy lights. Whether it is true or not I will not know, but for today it sure held up nicely. Soaks up fast so was I able to put on foundation immediately after applying the primer. And here it is in all its travel-size glory:

Smashbox primer and Kinder

When I opened the fifth window on our advent calendars I remembered I don’t even have a wreath on my door. Oh, the horror and the humanity combined! This year I am extremely sloppy with my decor partly because there is so much to do in the afternoons and partly because it seems silly to use the decoration I am going to have to pack it all up again and move in a couple of weeks. So I pulled out my wreath from god knows where (because literally there are so many boxes around me I lost count) and looked at it long and hard. Well, it will have to do, I guess, I ruffled it up a bit and attached it to the door.

Messy wreath

The story about a monster at another time, I promise.


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