Autumn refresh – closet edition

messy summer closet

messy summer closet

Summer is finally over and we are starting to pull out soft blankets to keep us warm at night. As the nature gives its last burst of energy in a form of brown and yellow, red and green and gold, so the temperature cools down to a nice, light knitwear and long trousers appear. Cleaning out the closet is something we all do at the end of each summer with me as no exception. Taking my time this Saturday I made myself a cup of tea and stare at the bombsite that is my main closet.





I am taking summer outfits out and sorting what I will keep and what I will toss. In the keep pile I usually decide if I could make the garment work in the autumn as a transitional piece. If not, it goes in the big red bag that is hidden at the back of my closet and is going to have to wait until summer. Because I don’t have a lot of space I allow myself only enough clothes to fill the bag, the rest goes in either a donate pile or, if too damaged, I toss it in the bin.

Bye, bye summer...

Bye, bye summer…

...hello, sweaters...

…hello, sweaters…

...and hoodies, wool skirts...

…and hoodies, wool skirts…







I select pieces that will work with my existing wardrobe colour scheme and give away those that are super nice but don’t have an outfit to go with them. I get attached to clothes easily so it takes me a while to do this. I keep in mind that if I didn’t get an outfit to go with the piece by now (and I had it last winter lying in the closet) then I will probably just have it hanging in my closet again this year, which is a waste of space in my tiny closet. So I donate it.

Red bag in hiding

Red bag in hiding








When I put clothes back I separate tank tops from t shirts, long-sleeved shirts and pullovers and group the together so they are easily found. Since I wear a lot of tank tops I separate them into light and dark piles. Finally, all the garments are neatly put away and I am ready for autumn.

Autumn closet

Autumn closet

After the temperatures cool down even more, I will pull out the thick knitted pullovers and other winter garments, but luckily I have a huge dresser to put them in and a separate closet for thick and heavy winter coats.


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